Tree blindness and remedies from bark, roots, resin and seed oil

Tamanu blind in everyday life

When it comes to blind fruit, it must be said to a blind torch – it is made by beating the old fruit and crushing the kernel inside, drying it, wrapping it with crumbs to make a tree, and then burning it.

Illuminated tree with a blind kernel

In that dim light, people told each other many stories of sad and happy, the reason of life in the world.

And then there’s the blind cutting board – the smooth cutting board that must have been around for five years is still good and has no shavings. Every time you go to the city and bring a few blind cutting boards, the aunts and aunts will be happy to do so!

Use as medicine of the tamanu oil

Not only attached to daily life, but also used as medicine as a medicine. People often use roots, resins, seeds and seed oils in a variety of cases (often for topical use).

Tamanu Oil
Tamanu Oil
  1. Benefits of tamanu oil: The oil is pressed from the kernel, has a bitter taste and has the uses of:
    Reduce swelling, pain, low numbness. Helps to disinfect. Stop bleeding. Treat scabies and hair fungus. Treatment of skin diseases.

    Particularly for scabies, if you do not use the oil to apply mustard, you can also take a few kernels (fresh), crush and mix with lime, then boil and use gradually out skin)
  2. The use of plastic tamanu: The resin has a characteristic aroma and has a salty taste and is very welded. According to researcher An Giang medicinal plant by researcher Vo Van Chi, the tumor is often used in the case of vomiting (to detoxify and treat bloating).

    Usage: Take the dried plastic, spread the powder and mix it with water, drink it many times, you will vomit (1) (2). In addition, plastic can also be used as:
    Helps reduce swelling. Treatment of skin infections, skin ulcers. Treatment of tooth decay (rot of skin ulcers). Treatment of pus in the ear. Treatment of boils.
    As for the root ulcers (oranges), folk often use the following combination remedies:
    Ingredients: tree sap (dried, powdered) and monolith powder, equal dosage. Directions: mix the two above powder and apply to root and ulcer, apply continuously several times a day
Tamanu tree
Tamanu tree

Medications from the root and bark of the tree tamanu

The roots and bark of the tree are sometimes used alone, sometimes in combination with other herbs such as:

  1. Treatment of back pain caused by kidney damage or bone pain, rheumatism: Preparation: 40 g of roots. Directions: rinse, chop, then cook drinking water during the day (1).
  2. Treatment for bleeding and receding gums (revealing roots): Preparation: root (using fresh) and root (fresh), both are equal. Implementation: put in a pot, take water and divide it into several times a day (if you hold a little, then spray) (1).
  3. Treatment of testicular inflammation: Preparation: fresh bark, sufficient amount. Do: wash, crush and apply regularly (2)
  4. Treatment of stomach pain: In folklore, the bark of the tree is famous for its treatment of stomach ailments. Specific remedies are as follows:


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