Ben Tre area is known as the “capital” of coconuts, producing several sorts such as Siamese, pineapple, and sap coconuts. and each variety has unique qualities. Customers are presently interested in the Ben Tre Siamese Coconut. Because of not only its excellent taste (the specialty of Siamese coconut), but also its ease of usage.


Coconut Diamond is a well-known export name. This variety of coconut differs somewhat from shell coconut. That is, only the outer coconut shell is removed, leaving the white fiber inside to cover the coconut shell, and then the bottom is chopped to make a conical shape above, which appears balanced and harmonious. This is also the most popular exported coconut due to its widespread use and prolonged shelf life compared to other items.

Diamond Coconut and other products at DAILOCVINA Co.,. are preliminarily processed from the selection of planting areas with good soil through a combination of care from the copper factory staff and the farmers to bring the Siamese coconuts to the best degree, neither too old nor too young, the copra is just enough to give the water a sweet and natural flavor.


Ben Tre Diamond Coconut has been renowned in the international market for a long time. DAILOCVINA is also one of the leaders in maintaining this product to attain equivalent quality with rivals from other countries on the world markets. The notable advantages of this product may be highlighted as:

  • A well-known commodity among global consumers, and very competitive.
  • Can be stored for 70 – 90 days at a temperature of 3-5 degrees Celsius.
  • The volume of coconut water in the fruit is sufficient to quench everyone’s thirst.
  • Made with Ben Tre Siamese coconut, it ensures a wonderful, cold flavor from nature, helping to rapidly satisfy thirst on scorching summer days.
  • Coconut water also provides cosmetic advantages, is beneficial for the digestive system and the heart, and can fight oxidative stress.


This Diamond Coconut is somewhat more difficult to open than other items; you must use a knife to make a cut on the top portion of the conical hat form to entirely remove the coconut shell, or you can use an opening tool available on the market today.


Sipping on coconut water is incredibly beneficial for your health, making it a beloved beverage among many individuals. If you happen to be someone who enjoys this refreshing drink, you’ll likely find great interest in learning how to select the finest Shell Coconut. Below, we present some criteria that readers can consider when making their choice:

  • Take a close look at the exterior of the coconut. If you observe that the skin and eyes have been peeled, and you notice any discoloration such as redness, purple patches, dark spots, signs of mold, an unusual odor, or cracks, it would be best to avoid buying it.
  • In order to meet your requirements, it is essential to locate a prestigious vendor that specializes in the preliminary processing of coconut water.

We currently offer this particular coconut variety exclusively for orders exceeding 16,900 fruits per order. These coconuts are primarily intended for the export market and can be purchased directly or through trading companies.


Similar to any other product, improper storage can result in the loss of essential nutrients, leading to a decline in both taste and potential health implications for consumers. However, we take pride in our coconut products from Dailocvina as they are specifically processed to meet the highest standards required for the export market. These products are carefully stored within a temperature range of 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, maintaining their quality from packaging to delivery to our esteemed customers across the globe. Finally, you can find our premium coconut products available for purchase through our distribution network, which includes markets and convenient supermarkets.


Dailocvina Import-Export Co., Ltd specializes in providing prestigious Diamond Coconut in Ben Tre with the standard of processing coconut for export. Kindly refer to the information below:

  • Type: Green Siamese coconut, Red Siamese coconut belongs to the area where the company selects and consumes materials in Ben Tre.
  • Appearance: Coconut is peeled off the outer shell, smoothing the surface of the bottom, creating a conical – hat shape on the top.
  • Expire: 70 – 90 days from the date of manufacture, refrigerated at 3 – 5 degrees Celsius
  • Taste: the water has a characteristic sweet taste
  • Weight: 800 gram up
  • Degree of brix: 7 – 9
  • Quantity: 16,900 pieces/ order
  • Container 40RF: Around 1830 – 1880 Cartons (9pcs/cartons).

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