Durian fruit is planted in the Middle and the South of Viet Nam. There are 3 four province that are famous for durian farm in Vietnam as below:



The first durian farm in Vietnam is Dak Lak province. Dak lak durian fruit is famous for its sweet taste. Although this isn’t the provinces that are famous for planting fruits, it is also famous for some specialty fruits such as avocado, jackfruit, guava and durian fruit. Dak Lak fruit is famous for its rich aroma and sweet taste that helps create its own brand and is very different from other provinces and so is the durian fruit here. When Dak Lak durian fruit  get ripen, it has strong aroma, even if you have not peeled it. Dak Lak durian fruit is evaluated by consumers as having a mild sweet taste, thick flesh with a strong aroma and less bitterness. The weight of each fruit will be from 2 to 4 kg.



The land of Lam Dong is fertile, with high fertility along with extremely favorable climatic conditions for the growth and development of many plant varieties. Therefore, the
land of Lam Dong is known for many fruits, in which we cannot ignore durian.

Da Huoai durian has a strong aroma, large pulp, thick rice and thinner skin than some other durian varieties.Here there are some delicious and famous durian varieties such as Dona durian, Ri6 durian, ripe durian… Durian is mainly grown according to VietGap standards to ensure the highest quality and safety. for consumers.



The second famous durian farm is Ben Tre province, Cai Mon durian fruit is known as the King of tropical fruits in Ben Tre and is the most delicious because when ripe, it still has an eye-catching green skin, but customer flesh inside is yellow and has a sweet taste. An extremely interesting thing when asked about the origin of durian fruit here, most people don’t know when this durian was born. According to the old grandparents, Cai Mon durian fruit originated from Cambodia, was planted by a teacher and bred later.

Cai Mon durian fruit only have in the summer. When the durian fruit is ripe, the outer skin is still green, the skin is thin, the spines are sparse, the durian fruit inside has large yellow segments, it is natural sweet and greasy taste. When durian get ripen, it will fall off by itself around 12 noon or at midnight.This durian fruit weight averages 1-2kg and has about 10 big packs. Today, thanks to the development of science and technology, Cai Mon durian fruit has produced fruit all year round, the durian fruit fruits are bigger and the rice is also thicker and fatter.


Thirdly, Ngu Hiep durian fruit  has its own characteristics such as thin durian fruit skin, thick flat,  fatty taste, flat seeds, aroma that flies away, when eaten, you will feel very sweet. Ngu Hiep durian fruit will usually have an average weight of 2 – 4 kg, very easy to separate. When eating, you just need to use the blade and gently separate according to the groove on the durian fruit shell to reach the layer of durian fruit pulp with a golden yellow color inside.

Another special thing about Ngu Hiep durian fruit is that it gives fruit all year round, most in the summer, you will enjoy delicious, standard, and unforgettable durian fruits.

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